School-Aged Summer Camp 2017

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June 12th-16th - Lego Camp: 

Week One Plans

Kids are already naturally gifted creators. They will dive into our massive collection of LEGO® parts. And while they build elaborate objects, structures and vehicles, they will explore fundamental principles of engineering and physics. They will also learn to collaborate and create without a fear of mistakes. The experience is joyful, the impact long-lasting.

June 26th-30th - Culinary Arts:

Learning to cook is a bit like learning to read. When you learn to read, you learn the letters first and then you start to put the letters together to form words. It is similar to this when you learn to cook. You first learn some basic skills that you can later put together to make meals. Cooking is not just about making something to eat; we will be practicing math (measuring, weighing, sharing); literacy (reading and writing down some notes about the recipes), and geography (learning about food and where it comes from) and much more.

July 17th-21st - Science Exploration and the Scientific Method:

The purpose of our week of science is to spark, cultivate, and promote children’s interest in science and the scientific method. We hope to attract students to math and science, improve their performance in those subjects, increase appreciation for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields and, ultimately, prepare students for future education in STEM subjects and learning!

July 31st-August 4th - Summertime Fun:

No two days will be the same. Lace up your shoes and prepare for a fast-paced, ever changing week! Each day campers will experience something different. The different daily themes will include: water day, gaming day, Minute to Win It, sports and fitness, art, cooking and more!


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