Please note children must be up-to-date on all their immunizations.  At this time we do not accept State Preschool payments.

What Does Full-Day Preschool Look like?

Parents drop-off students in the morning as early at 7:00 am.  All students must be picked-up by 5:30 pm. (If a later time is needed, please speak to the director).  While students spend the majority of the day with us, we do not consider this daycare.  Students will be actively involved in learning throughout the day with:

  • Welcome Time students can play at various learning centers, finish their breakfast from home, or slowly guide into their day and play quietly ith coloring, watercolors or other independent activities.
  • Circle Time learning the Pledge of Allegiance, Colors, Letters, Shapes, and Numbers  
  • Reading and Journal Time.
  • Recess is appropriately balanced to the learning time in the class.  We want to move those muscles!
  • Lunch happen about noon. Students will eat the lunch they brought from home 
  • Naps for those younger students. Naptime is until 2:30. PreK students may have shorter nap times or not nap at all. Those students not wishing to nap will be given books read and/or journals to practice writing and art.
  • Snack time  
  • Recess again with games, scooters, climbing equipment and more.
  • Fun learning projects and themes close out the day.

It's a day filled with learning to advance your child's horizon. Our teachers are experienced and many of them have degrees in Education and Early Childhood.