Substitute Teacher (formally Full-Day Pre-Kindergarten PM Assistant Teacher)

Katelyn Mason

My name is Katelyn and I am the assistant teacher two days a week in the PM Pre-K classroom with Ms. Stephanie.  I have worked with Ms. Stephanie for several years.  I worked with her at two of her schools.  She made me follow her and now I am at a third with her!  I have worked in the early childhood world for ten years and have been an infant teacher, school age teacher and every age in between. 

I am currently going to school to become an RN, a long time goal and passion of mine.  I am also the mother of a 6th grade girl and a two year old boy that keeps me very busy.  In addition to going to school and being a mommy, I would describe myself as a foodie.  I love trying new food from all countries around the world.  I would really love to travel the world and try these foods in their home countries.  I have a bucket list of travel destinations that I would love to visit and revisit.