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Wednesday, May 13, 2020


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Wednesday, April 15, 2020


Hello Parents and Students! I hope you are all finding exciting ways to spend with your families! Brock and I are playing a lot of board games. I say a lot, mainly Monopoly! We have almost every version of it! Some last longer than others-much, much longer! The Cheaters Edition might be the funniest. We laugh til we cry! 

I have found a neat link from Scholastic! Click on the Free fun stuff button below for a quick link! 

Free Fun Stuff

Here is another great site! Click on students and enter our class code: dla5566, select their name and egin! Epic

ABC Mouse is a great site as well. My email is code is- SCHOOL4944

Please keep checking back here for more new fun stuff to do with your littles!

Praise be to God for this time to reconnect with our families and rest.

Praise be to God when we can all return to class again together!


Mrs. Gordey

Enjoy some of our classroom favorite songs: 

Tony Chestnut:

When I Look:

Move and Freeze:















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