Summer Camps 2019

Come join us and our brand new themes this year!  Two classes are offered for each camp listed below:  Preschool class and School Age class. Ms Stephanie and her team have some great topics and lots of fun planned. All camps have a balance between learning and recess. We are very hands-on, so don’t wear your very best clothes! Remember to bring a lunch, snack and a water bottle. All classes are $75.  There is a 10% discount for siblings attending the same class.

Creepy Crawlers in the Garden
June 10- 14
9am – 1pm

We will look at our insect friends and the role they play in our gardens. This program will inspire your child to learn more about the natural world around them. We will explore inside and outside the classroom. You will become so smart as you learn about dancing Bees, funny walking sticks(the Praying Mantis), Butterflies and their diet and don’t forget about those 5,000 types of Lady Bugs!

Be A Scientist!

June 17 – 21
9 am – 1 pm

In this camp we will spend the week doing HANDS-ON science experiments.  We will do them both in large groups and individually. There is so much to learn in the world of science. We won’t have a dull moment!  We will investigate and create our own experiments plus do exploration in color changing, lava lamps and of course SLIME.  There is also plenty of fun time to run around and play outside or inside depending on the weather.  You’re the Scientist in this camp, join us for fun and learning!

Amazing Animals
June 24 – 28

Do you know about endangered animals like the Giant Panda, Sumatran Elephant, the Tiger and Mountain Gorilla?  Get ready to learn and explore the habitats and dangers facing these animals! There is so much we can do to protect these animals and vulnerable species from extinction.  Learn how we can protect special places to find food, shelter and raise their young.  Come wxplore Amazing Animals with us. 

Under the Sea
July 8 – 12

 Let’s take a closer look at our amazing oceans! We will look at coral reefs and the fish that live there, what about those adorable Sea Turtles and funny Dolphins.  Let’s not forget about Sharks as we go Under the Sea to discover the ever changing world. There might even be a really cool movie and water activities in this camp.